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Luxurious is an international boutique interior-design company that creates unique residential and commercial properties. Our multidisciplinary team of designers and architects will create the ultimate experience that will uplift your space to its maximum. Our mission is to make luxury living accessible to everyone.

Besides transforming domestic properties, we take pride in remodeling luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants. When you have an exceptional project not covered by the services mentioned below, please contact us in order to create a personalized offer. Our services go beyond what is appointed and will continue to grow in the future.

Our services

Residential Design

Your home is your safe haven, the place where you find rest and comfort in order to escape from the chaos outside. Create an environment where you can recharge yourself and free your mind. Decorating your home contains more than choosing items that match your sense of style. Your surroundings have a profound influence on your wellbeing. Let us help you create a living space that matches your desires, calms your senses and brings out the best in you.

Commercial Design

When designing commercial spaces, it’s most important to balance functionality, aesthetics and safety preferences. We make all these requirements come together and create a mesmerizing experience for your customers. Our services cater to luxury hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, hospitals and everything in between. We are experienced in creating designs without losing space, overseeing budgets, and making sure everything is up to code.

Outdoor Design

Creating an attractive outdoor ambiance will enhance your property and increase the enjoyment of your home. We excel in remodeling outside spaces in contemporary ways that are both elegant and practical. Our objective is to create an extension of your interior, which will provide more room for entertaining family and friends. We keep in mind the natural forces of nature, so you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space throughout all seasons.

Turnkey Service

Our Turnkey solution will eliminate the burden that accompanies renovations and deliver a completely renewed space while keeping your peace of mind.


Custom Made

High-end custom-made furniture pieces uniquely crafted for you, to fit your exact preferences and elevate your interior decor to new heights.


Turnkey Plus Service

When you need architectural improvements as well as a completely renewed interior, our Turnkey Plus service will optimize the layout in addition to the design.


Ready-To -Buy

Upgrade your interior by adding exclusive ready-to-buy signature pieces. Purchase items from the world’s best interior brands, directly from our showroom.


Rental Properties

Furnishing rental properties with exclusive and durable pieces that will appeal to a wide audience and simultaneously maximize your monetary proceeds.


Interior Styling

Interior styling that will maximize the enjoyment and functionality of your space, perfectly catered to your personal taste, desires and preferences.


Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Build & Install
  • Style & Decorate

Our first aim is to obtain a clear vision about your needs, wants and desires. Feel free to share your ideas with us, and let us know what inspires you most. After gaining an understanding of your objective we move forward to discussing the possibilities that are conceivable for your particular space. When we agree on the core concept we continue to cover practicalities like taking measurements and photo material.

After defining a core concept our team starts the creative process. This is where the magic happens. We take your ideas and incorporate them with our ingenious vision to generate unique designs that will uplift your space to its maximum potential. We present our concepts and further optimize them based on your input, to meet your expectations completely. We finalize this stage by confirming one definite design.

This is where we turn our vision into reality. Depending on the scale of your project we start working closely with architects and contractors to optimize your space. Constructional adjustments are necessary in some cases, to make the most out of a particular space. We make sure every element is installed properly as this will be the foundation for the entire project.  We focus on creating spaces that have a natural flow as well as being utmost practical.

The last phase of your project will be the most prominent as this will create the ultimate ambiance in your interior. By using the right set of colors, lighting, and accessories we will establish a space that caters to your personal desires perfectly. Depending on the function of the room, we will produce spaces that will energize and inspire you or calm you down after a long day of work. The time has come to indulge in the luxury and enjoy your new lifestyle.

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