Dark walls: a perfect tool for creating a chic and cozy home

Although neutral shades have classic appeal, dark colors can also bring A SENSE OF SOPHISTICATION AND STYLE to your home. Their charm lies in their boldness and coziness, so it’s no wonder that a great number of homeowners choose to paint their interior walls boldly dark. However, the implementation of such dark tones can be a bit tricky, so you need to take different aspects into consideration when choosing a dark hue for your walls. If done properly, this can transform your home into a stylish and cozy haven.

Select Your Dark Hue

Any color can make or break your space, so it’s important that you choose the right one for your home. Keep in mind that you’ll be surrounded with that particular color, so it should make you feel comfortable and inspired rather than claustrophobic in your own home. You should also consider how a certain color will fit into the general design of your home and whether it will complement the rest of your space. In addition, if you’re choosing dark colors for a small room, you need to pick those that won’t darken your space too much. Therefore, you should take some time to find the perfect dark color for your home. You can take a look at your favorite items and see whether you can find color inspiration in them.

Hallway with Dark Walls

Source: Photo by Alexander James

Make a Statement with a Feature Wall

If you’re still not sure how dark walls will fit into your space, you can start small by introducing a single boldly painted wall. For instance, if your home features a subtle color palette of neutral shades, one dark wall will truly stand out against such an understated backdrop. It will work as an inspiring focal point that dominates the entire room. In addition, it will provide you with an opportunity to get used to the idea of having dark walls in your home.

Dark Walls Project by KOKET

Revê Mirror by KOKET

Pay Attention to The Ceiling

When using dark colors for your walls, it’s essential that you create visual balance in your space to avoid creating an overbearing look. Typically, you can achieve this by juxtaposing your dark walls with a bright ceiling. By painting your ceiling white, you’ll open up your space and avoid creating a gloomy effect. However, painting ceilings is not so easy, so if you are doing this yourself be sure to invest in some STURDY PORTABLE SCAFFOLDING to get the job done perfectly, and safely!

Source: Designed by JAMIE BUSH & CO.

Go Bold and Colourful

If you really want to MAKE A DÉCOR STATEMENT and you’re not afraid to go bold, why not introduce two bold shades to a single room? The key to creating a cohesive look lies in choosing complementary hues. For instance, you can pick deep purple and navy blue for your living room or bedroom. These two shades will truly create a warm, cozy look while also filling your space with an atmosphere of authenticity. However, you shouldn’t go with more than two colors because it will create an overbearing look. In addition, you should choose one to be the dominant shade while using the other as a creative expression.

Combine Moody Tones with Texture

Dark, moody tones can introduce a feeling of comfort and warmth to your space by creating a cocoon effect. If you want to cozy up your space even more, you should combine your dark tones with varied textures. Dark shades will create the perfect base for a range of different textures that will add to the comfort of your home. From lush fabrics, such as velvet, faux sheepskin and wool for a royal look, to beautiful metallic finishes and glassy details for a striking contrast, you have plenty of inspiring options to create a deep, textured look in your home that will complement your dark walls.

Dark Walls Project

Source: Photo by Alexander James

Soften the Look with Natural Elements

Since dark walls can seem quite bold and dramatic, you should consider introducing natural elements to soften their look. For instance, enchanting wood tones can introduce a soft vibe that will work perfectly with dark, edgy walls. You can use natural materials for a range of design elements, from eco-friendly rugs and window blinds to stunning hardwood floors and VINTAGE FURNITURE. The combination of dark walls and natural elements will create a perfectly balanced look with an organic touch and a bold character.

Dark Walls with Picadilly Cabinet

Picadilly Cabinet by Boca do Lobo

Pair Them with Patterns

For a truly chic look, you should consider pairing your dark walls with intricate patterns. This will add a touch of playfulness to your space that will create a stunning effect against the dark walls. For instance, you can choose dark wallpaper with colorful floral patterns for a sophisticated look that exudes romance. You can also introduce patterned accent details, such as statement furniture pieces, THROW PILLOWS, covers, area rugs, etc. Not only will patterns create a balance, but they will also truly come into focus in such an ambience. However, you should introduce patterns in moderation, using them for just a few accent details.

Dark Walls project by KOKET

Spellbound Cabinet and Stella Mirror by KOKET

By painting your walls dark, you’ll create a dramatic effect in your home that will certainly give your space unique, bold appeal. Just make sure to implement contrasting elements that will help you create visual balance for the perfect stylish and cozy home.