How Colors Used In Interior Design Can Affect Your Mood

It’s surprising how much our home can affect our mood. Whether it be clutter which can have a negative impact on our mind to fresh flowers which can boost our mood, our property has an impact on our happiness. And you might be surprised that your choices when interior decorating can also have an effect on your mood when you are at home. The colors you use when decorating can have a passive, active or neutral effect on your mood as discussed on FRESHOME.COM. Therefore, you need to consider carefully when choosing colors so that you can make sure the rooms work for you and your guests. Here are a few room colors and moods they can create so you make the right choices when interior decorating.


The Effects of Red

You might be surprised to know that vibrant red can actually have a significant impact on your mood. The color is known to increase your energy levels and can raise your blood pressure and heart rate. While there are some benefits to a rise in your excitement if you have had a dull day, there are some negatives if you are trying to relax after a long day at work. After all, if you are full of energy, you won’t be able to relax in front of the television. And with a faster heart rate, you will struggle to control your thoughts. You might end up in an argumentative mood if you are around red for too long.

It’s not just the color of the paint and wallpaper which can affect your mood. You will find that statement pieces such as chairs from SLOANE AND SONS TUB CHAIRS in a vibrant red will also excite people who are in the room. Keep red away from calming rooms like the bedroom and bathroom and opt for rooms such as the living room and entrance hall in this color which will boost people’s mood.

A room with a Grey sofa with red accent pillows and a red fur throw, a red pouf stool with tassel trim and a gold cocktail table - Room Colors and Moods - red psychology


The Effects of Orange

You can also lift your mood if you choose orange when interior designing. A lot of the benefits of orange are similar to red as it can help you to feel excited and happy. It can lift your energy and speed up your heart rate if you have had a dull day. But it’s not as vibrant as red so won’t have an as dramatic effect on your mood. Therefore, it’s a good color to go for if you want a boost in mood and to help you feel more alert.

It can all depend on what color orange you go for on how it can affect your mood. Burnt orange is a good choice for a bedroom as it will put you in a happy mood but not build too much excitement. While a bright orange should be left for rooms where you want your mind to be active such as the living room or study.

A room with orange moire wallpaper, an orange curved sofa by koket, and a tears koktail table by koket with a black and gold chandelier hypntocic by koket - room colors and moods - orange psychology

Source: Project by KOKET


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The Effects of Blue

You will find that when interior designing, blue crops up again and again. This is down to the mood changer it can be when put into a room. One of the main reasons why blue is so popular is that it brings a touch of serene and calm to a person’s mood.

When people think of blue, they often associate it with calming water and the clear sky which can have a soothing effect. Therefore, it’s often a good choice for a room like a bedroom where you need some peace to have a good night’s sleep. And as COLOUR MEANINGS suggests, it’s also an ideal choice for a bathroom as it provides a tranquil atmosphere.

You can use blue in the lounge to create a relaxing atmosphere. But remember to add some bolder accents to ensure the lounge is still an exciting place to be as you don’t want it to be a dull room in your home.

A living room with teal blue sofas and a blue lacquered wall with a gold and glass cocktail table and a gold and white contemporary chandelier - room colors and moods - blue psychology


The Effects of Yellow

Another color that often pops up in interior designing when transforming places like the lounge or the entrance hall is yellow. That is because the color boasts a cheerful and welcome effect on people so that they feel happy and cheerful when entering the property. They want to stick around and feel comfortable in the space.

Yellow is a bold color which will lift people’s spirits and help them to smile if they have had a bad day. Just make sure you don’t go too over the top with yellow as it can be too much and clutter people’s minds. You might want to go for a patterned wallpaper with yellow tints or bright yellow accessories which will lift the home.

Apartment main room with large contemporary chandelier made of glass balls, a yellow sectional sofa, and a dining table with green dining chairs behind it and a glass wall showing a loft bedroom above the kitchen - room colors and moods - yellow psychology

Source: Project by THE QUADRO ROOM


We hope that learning about these room colors and moods they create help you design your next interior to best suit your style!