Custom Made

Custom Made

Luxurious has revolutionized the way you are able to furnish your house or commercial space. Our custom made furniture allows you to personalize every little detail of your entire furniture collection. Whether you want to a unique color, pattern, material, finish or have certain limitations or requirements, we can create the furniture piece that will perfectly fit your specifications. With our endless range of options we offer you the freedom to create the exact items you have always dreamed of, but could never find.

Our interior designers and craftsmen can design and create custom furniture for every type of interior. We will help you through the entire process, from the initial brainstorming all the way to the delivery and installation of your furniture. Another advantage of letting us custom create your furniture is that we can add built-in devices like integrated screens, charging points, and other technical devices. This way you can elegantly cover up electric devices and tools when they are not being used. You are also able to personalize fabrics by embroidery of your name or initials, to add a special touch to your belongings.

Our custom furniture is expertly handcrafted with only the finest materials imported from European countries that are leading in producing luxury fabrics and materials like Italy and Portugal. We offer high-end custom furniture so you can create the exact home you and your family will feel comfortable in. Choosing to custom create your furniture gives you the option to design unique pieces that no one else will have and are a true reflection of your personality. Designing your own, custom furniture is a luxury that we now bring to all homes and companies.

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