Turnkey Plus Service

Turnkey Plus Service

As an addition to our extensive Turnkey Service, we offer our Turnkey Plus service to accommodate clients who need a more thorough renovation. This service consists of the same elements as our regular Turnkey Service but in addition, our interior designers also address the architectural construction of your space.

When you have a living or commercial space where you feel the energy flow is not right or the spaces aren’t divided in the most efficient way, we can help you re-arrange the structural layout. Our experienced architects and designers will carefully explore which layout is most optimal for your space. Besides defining the perfect layout we also carry out the structural transformation with our cooperating partners.

We closely work with architectural partners that are skilled and experienced in implementing constructional adjustments to optimize space layouts and designs. This can result in removing or placing new walls, changing the functionality of particular rooms and possible outward extensions of the property.

Our Turnkey Plus service can be as minimal as removing a simple wall or as extravagant as a full interior renovation leaving only the original shell of the building unchanged.  From our experience, we can say that a minor adjustment like removing a wall can sometimes mean a world of difference in the end result and the experience and feel of a particular space.

As we wish to help you optimize your space to its absolute full potential we will always give you our non-binding opinion if we see a constructional change would be beneficial.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our services or products, please contact us as we are happy to offer you advice.

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