Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service

Choosing a turnkey solution means handing over your entire project, and let us manage every detail from start to finish. This service is not just for busy or decadent people. Turnkey projects are indeed proven to save time, but they are also very cost-efficient and discard the owner from stress and unnecessary workload. You have one single contact point that handles all elements of your project which makes it very easy to keep track and have a clear overview. So rest assured, and let us takes pride in fully carrying out the project to your perfection.

Instead of searching for the best products and design ideas, you have a one-stop consultation with our project manager where you thoroughly discuss your taste and ideas. We will gather all your input and provide you with the best options and choices for your particular space.

Time management will be very efficient as we will provide you with one timeline that covers all subcontractors that contribute to your project. You will receive updates from one project manager instead of having to deal with multiple suppliers and contractors. This will ease out having to keep all involved parties on the same schedule and delivering complementary work.

Your budget will be safely guarded as we establish the spending capacity of the entire project at the forefront and keep you informed on all buying decisions. We keep track of all costs so you will be able to monitor all expenses easily. As we have a great network of quality suppliers, with whom we keep close contacts as trusted purchasers, we are able to negotiate the best prices for you.

Your project manager will take your directions well and keep constant and clear communication with you from inception to completion. We make sure the chosen style matches your personal preferences completely and will feel like your own.

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